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    Ethics & the Professional Engineer

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    The respect which society and business accords the engineering profession must be earned through a strong commitment to ethical engineering.  This seminar introduces participants to the ethical values that underpin the profession and the obligations to society that flow from that.   A sense of awareness as to how we should live and act as engineers includes the provisions contained in the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) Code of Ethics and CPENG rules.  Participants will reflect on their own practice, improving their skills in ethical reasoning and judgement.  It is expected that each will gain increased sensitivity to the ethical dimension of the profession, knowledge of best practice, and a strengthened dedication to excellence.

    The intended consequence of the seminar is to facilitate the ability to identify and understand ethical problems and the options open to responsible engineering decision making. 

    Learning outcomes

    • The engineer and society,  modernism, post modernism, the evolution and control of technology, social responsibilities, society’s expectations of responsible, ethical and sustainable engineering.
    • Moral frameworks, morals, etiquette, dignity, conscience, rights ethics, duty ethics, utilitarianism, virtue ethics, self-realisation ethics, ethics and the law.
    • Ethics and professionalism, ethical dilemmas, ethical engineering decision-making.
    • Codes of Ethics and CPENG rules, commitment to safety, risks.
    • Workplace responsibilities and rights, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, loyalty and collegiality, managers and engineers, professional rights, employee rights.
    • Truth, truthfulness and whistleblowing.
    • Ethics and engineering, computer ethics, free speech, environmental ethics, environmental leadership, environmental moral issues, justice, research ethics.
    • Corporate and leadership responsibilities.
    • Case studies, discussion and self-tests (throughout the seminar).

    Presenter information

    Maxwell Reid

    The seminar convenor, Dr Maxwell Reid is a university Head of Department in engineering.  His industrial background is telecommunications engineering and he lectures in telecommunications, network engineering and engineering ethics at undergraduate and post-graduate levels.  His Doctorate was awarded as a result of his research in engineering ethics.